Our offerings include wedding and event styling, an extensive range of decor hire options, and the creation of bespoke gifts tailored for special occasions. With a focus on sophistication and a flair for the unique, we aim to seamlessly integrate your personal style into every aspect of your event. Allow us to assist in transforming your vision into a memorable reality, ensuring each detail is handled with care and precision.

Wales wedding styling

Here dreams take shape and love finds its perfect setting. We embark on a collaborative journey, hand in hand with our clients, delving deep into their visions to create a perfect setting.

Decor Hire

Every detail paints your perfect day. From the breathtaking altar setting to the intricately adorned wedding breakfast tables, our artistry transcends every corner of your venue.

bespoke wedding gifts

Amidst the whirlwind of wedding preparations, let us weave an extra touch of magic for your bridal squad.


Let's chat, send me some details about your event and we can setup an initial meeting to explore your options.